Sunday, 14 April 2013

SA Navy Day 2013...

The SA Navy Festival is an annual event held in Simon's Town, a historic coastal town and headquarters of the South African Navy. The Festival showcases various branches of South Africa's military, focusing primarily on the navy. Displays include army tanks and weapons, the Cannon Society of South Africa, firefighting, a dog show, a flea-market and food stalls, tug boat rides, and many ships (and submarines) open to the public. Candace and I joined Mom and Dad in taking my little nephews on this fun outing last Friday. (5th April.)

 Cannon Society of South Africa.
 Tug in dry dock.
 Candace and I enjoy the tug boat ride.
 Tug boat ride.
 Naval vessels moored in the harbour.
 SAS Drakensberg, fleet replenishment vessel.
 SAS Protea, hydrographic survey vessel.
 SAS Mendi, one of South Africa's four Valour-class frigates.
 SAS Charlotte Maxeke, a new submarine.
 Army tank.
 Rhyenn and Jesse in an armoured personnel carrier.
 Ship on the tracks in dry dock - much like where the Africa Mercy dry docks in Gran Canaria.
 Rhyenn and Jesse have some fun on the AA-gun.
Frigate in dry dock at the Simon's Town Naval Dockyard.

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