Friday, 24 May 2013

Patient Transportation...

Every second Friday is cataract surgery day here at the Mercy Vision Zithulele Eye Care Project. At first I didn't know what role I would have on this day, but since I am the only driver on the team who isn't also a health care professional, I have slotted into the patient transportation role. Some people call me the ambulance driver, but I prefer patient transportation. After all, I did once have to push a lady in a wheelchair!

I get the privilege of picking up our patients from the community centre prior to their surgeries, driving them to the eye surgery, and then taking them back to the community centre after surgery. It can sometimes be challenging getting the patients into the Land Rover, but we manage fine, and if anything it's awesome to think that by tomorrow they will be able to see clearly enough to get themselves - unassisted - into a vehicle! It's a blessing being able to see - and serve - the patients at each stage of their journey to regaining their sight!

I think one thing that I find so amazing about cataract removal is just how closely it mirrors a person's spiritual condition. We are spiritually blinded by our sin until Jesus comes and gives us back our sight. In the same way, a person's vision is clouded by the cataract that blinds and distorts their vision. Once the cataract is removed, they are able to see things clearer again. It's quite a powerful metaphor!

At the community centre to pick up a patient.
Patients waiting at the community centre.
Helping a patient out of the Land Rover prior to her surgery.
 Leading a patient back to the vehicle.
A very happy cataract patient!

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