Monday, 22 July 2013

Hole In The Wall...

Candace and I went to Coffee Bay yesterday afternoon. (Sunday, 21st July.) We had lunch at the Ocean View Hotel and walked along the lovely beach. But the highlight of the day was driving through to the amazing Hole In The Wall just ten kilometres further down the coast. We parked the Land Rover on a hill above the spectacular rock formation, and then walked down to get a closer look. You can read more about the history of Hole In The Wall here.

 Walking along the beach at Coffee Bay.
 This is Whale's Back - although I think it looks more like a giant tortoise peering out of its shell.
 Hole In The Wall from the hill opposite.
 The lagoon where the Mpako River meets the ocean.
 With Candace at Hole In The Wall.
 The hole is so high that a small yacht could fit through the opening.
View from the lagoon.

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