Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Melkbos 4x4-ing...

While I drove Land Rovers and Nissan Patrols on numerous occasions while serving with Mercy Ships, I very rarely took the vehicle anywhere requiring much technical skill. I mean, I did go off-road on several occasions, but I never really had to engage the differential lock. So when my cousin invited me to join him for a day of off-roading last week, I jumped at it. This was a chance to see how modern Land Rovers perform on rough, muddy tracks. We drove up the West Coast to Melkbos, about 30 kms north of Cape Town, and visited a special 4x4 track there. My cousin Adrian even let me have a turn driving in the mud. It was a great day!

Lots of recent rain had converted the tracks into small rivers.
 Similar proportions in terms of Mercy Ships... 4 Land Rovers and a solitary Nissan. However, Mercy Ships are now turning more to Toyota Land Cruisers.
Deflating the tyres prior to hitting the rough stuff.
 Entering the course.
Some of the less-challenging bits.
Negotiating a flooded corner.
Flooded course.
The front wheels of this Land Rover Discovery 3 almost get some serious air time!
Adrian's Discovery comes down the slope.
Table Mountain visible in the far distance.

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