Saturday, 17 August 2013

Ngcwanguba Clinic...

Candace and I went out with the eye team to Ngcwanguba Clinic last week. (7th August.) This was to be our final trip to see the field eye team in action, as we headed back to Cape Town a few days later. It was awesome to see the crowds waiting when we arrived. These are people who would have had minimum eye care had the Mercy Vision team not been in the Eastern Cape region of Zithulele. But as it is, there is hope for them! It was a great day!

 Candace uses the Auto Refractor.
 The eye as seen through the Auto Refractor.
 The patient has to look at the house in the Auto Refractor.
 Mandini is a translator and eye assistant.
 Mohau is our optometrist.
 Unathi helps with the Auto Refractor and the VA chart tests.
Asanda manages the team's administration duties.

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