Saturday, 19 October 2013

Houses of Tristan...

There are many old traditional island cottages in the Settlement of Edinburgh - although none are thatched with New Zealand flax any more. Many of the island homes that are used today were built many years ago, and have been modified more recently to meet the demands of modern life. These houses are cut deep into the ground, with front doors and windows facing north. The strong, tall gables are built on the east and west sides of the house so that they take the brunt of the strong gales that blow throughout the year.

The islanders have recently built a new thatch house museum out near the New Volcano. This allows one to see what the original Tristan houses looked like in the past. The photo at right is of the new thatch museum. The islander's homes are lovely, solid buildings that are built to last!

There are newer buildings on Tristan too - many of the government buildings are of more recent construction. There are a couple of photos of these further down this entry.

This is the house my Grandfather lived in when he was on the island in the 1940s.
Another pretty island home...
And another one!
This used to be the island Post Office.
 Built low in the ground to give protection from the weather.
Volcanic stones used to build the gable.
Prince Philip Hall and Albatross Bar - Tristan's community centre and pub.
Administration Building.
Tristan's Police Station.

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