Monday, 28 October 2013

Pig Bite...

The next day, Tuesday (17th September), we went out over the New Volcano to Pig Bite, east of the Settlement. We walked through the island's rubbish dump, known locally as Steven's Patch, before descending off the New Volcano's lava flow to the plateau at Pig Bite. Here we climbed up a steep slope and had a look at one of the old, now-disused, navigational beacons up on the hillside. My Grandfather was also involved in erecting these navigational aids in the old days. Now with modern radar and echo sounding, most vessels do not have to rely on these beacons to locate a safe anchorage. The photo here is looking back towards the New Volcano.

 Big moulds for making dolosse for the harbour.
The island's rubbish dump.
Big breakers off Pig Bite.
This rock on the stony beach looks like an abandoned lifeboat.
View towards Big Point. The navigational beacon is halfway up the hill slanting to the base.
Here's a closer view...
And an even closer view! This triangular beacon used to line up with one on the hill by the coast behind, to help ships locate a safe anchorage. The marker on the hill behind has long since disappeared over the cliff.
Rainbow at Pig Bite.

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