Thursday, 6 March 2014

Estelle's Wedding...

My Mercy Ships friend Estelle - who was in my Gateway group in 2009 - got married in Riebeeck-West on February 22nd. Riebeeck-West is a quaint farming village about 75 kilometres from Cape Town. There is often a Mercy Ships reunion that happens whenever a Mercy Shipper ties the knot. It was wonderful to share in her joy and also see old ship friends again. :-) Congratulations Estelle and Mauritz!

 The pretty NG Church.
Wherever Mercy Shippers gather, a Nalgene bottle is sure to follow. :-)
 Inside the church.
Mercy Ships photos on the slideshow.
 Estelle and Mauritz Van Den Heever! :-)
Lovely view at the Reception venue.
Mercy Shippers table.
Marmalade jar.
Mercy Ships group photo. :-)

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