Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Kayaking at Marina da Gama...

My brother took Candace and I kayaking at Marina da Gama (a suburb of Cape Town) on Saturday, 1st March 2014. We travelled out in his bakkie (pick-up truck) with the two inflatable boats. When we arrived, we inflated the boats and headed out onto the water. Lindsay had a single-man kayak while Candace and I used the larger rowboat. We were amazed at the fish and bird life visible here, as well as the beautiful scenery around us. We enjoyed it so much that we returned a couple of weeks later! :-)

Candace and I on the water.
 Linds goes under a road.
The houses come right down to the water.
Candace relaxed while I did most of the rowing. :-)
The mountains above Muizenberg and Silvermine.
Linds ahead of us.
Candace deflates the boats.

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