Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Travels to Sandbaai...

Candace and I spent five nights at my aunt's holiday house in Sandbaai, a little less than two hours from Cape Town. (See the map below.) We left Cape Town on Monday, March 10th, and drove along the lovely coastal road - pictured here - from Gordon's Bay through to Kleinmond. Here we stopped for a lunch of delicious pizza at Pizza World. It was so good! Candace also bought some peaches from a roadside vendor in Kleinmond. These peaches sparked inspiration in me as I made amazing peach milkshakes for four nights in a row during our stay at Sandbaai! Maybe I have finally found my calling! :-) We drove on another 30-kilometres and arrived at Sandbaai at around 14h00 to begin our relaxing week's holiday!

This is where Sandbaai is compared to where we live in Cape Town.
A South African Navy frigate in False Bay.
Murray Road is in Sandbaai. :-)
Aunt Jen's holiday house in Sandbaai.
The view from the upstairs window.
Candace and I walked to Sandbaai Beach to enjoy the sunset.
Sunset from Sandbaai. 10th March 2014.

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