Friday, 26 September 2014

White River Valley Antique Show...

A few weeks ago the little town of Elnora hosted the 30th Annual White River Valley Antique Show. Elnora is a small town just west and a little north of Odon, and Candace and I spent time looking at the various interesting exhibits. Since this is primarily an agricultural area, a large focus of the antique fair was on old steam-powered tractors - and how they assisted farming practices in days gone by.

Here are some photos of the day!

 Horses are still used in farming in the area.
 Water wheel.
 It grinds corn kernels into corn flour.
 A view of the area - it was the same place we had family pictures taken several weeks ago.
 A row of old stores and displays.
 The antique general dealer store.
 Post Office.
 Watching chickens hatch.
Model trucks - made entirely out of wood!
 Sugar cane press.
 Rows of tractors on display.
 Pretty in pink.
Green John Deere.
 Massey Ferguson.
 Antique steam tractor.
 The tractors are powering a saw mill.
 Candace's Grandpa's tractor.
 Grandpa Paulus.
 The belt runs from the tractor into the building.
Measuring the horse power of a tractor.
 Speaking of horse power...
 Horses on a treadmill assist in threshing hay.
Farm equipment on display.

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