Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Travels to Georgia...

Candace and I visited Atlanta last weekend. (5th - 8th February.) We had a lovely time with Candace's cousin and her family, and we also visited downtown Atlanta on the Friday. (6th February.) The drive down to Atlanta took about eight hours and was quite tricky initially, since light snow and freezing conditions meant that the country roads in the area were rather slick. However, once we hit the highway the conditions improved and our journey progressed rapidly - until we hit the Atlanta evening rush hour traffic! The next few posts will chronicle our time exploring Georgia! :)

 Frozen snow on the roads meant they were quite slick.
 Amish horse and buggy in Daviess County, Indiana.
 Horses in a field as we head south on the Odon-Cannelburg Road.
 Pretty barn.
 Snow plough.
 Chinook helicopter in the skies above Kentucky.
 Driving through Nashville, Tennessee.
 We hit traffic here due to a car crash. Thankfully, it didn't look too serious.
 Entering Georgia - Home of the 1996 Olympic Games!
 You know you're in the south when there's a "Y'all" on the traffic information display. :)
Rush hour traffic on the outskirts of Atlanta.

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