Thursday, 5 February 2015

January 2015 Newsletter...

We're going to try and be much more intentional about sending out monthly snippets of our life together here in southern Indiana. That being said, here is January's news!

Candace has had a really busy start to the new year. She is working at the local hospital in Washington and is also working PRN (as needed) at one of the nursing homes in Odon. After taking on the PRN position (after being placed on-call for several shifts with the hospital) at the nursing home, the hospital began to get rather busy and so Candace is often working five (12-hour, 7am to 7pm) days a week. It can be quite stressful but we are thankful for the work.

Murray has had a really good January. He had two job interviews in early January and one of these culminated in a job offer! In December we shared in our Christmas newsletter that we hoped it would be a job that played to Murray's strengths, and this one certainly does. He is working as a part-time cashier and driver for the Odon Pharmacy. This also entails a lot of stock-take and inventory, as well as clerical work such as entering data into spreadsheets and counting money daily. He has been working there for three weeks and is enjoying being in a new environment. Many of his coworkers are Christians and thus there is a nice community feel. While the hours range from 17 to 30 hours a week depending on the schedule, Murray is very thankful to be employed. He is still able to do chores round the house and spend time taking the little Rusty dog for nice walks in the parks and on the roads in the area.

In December we shared the following prayer requests and we can be thankful that we have received answers to them all! God is good!

  • That Murray would continue to find his feet – and a job – here. That it would be a job that plays to Murray's strengths and one that makes him come alive.  

Answer: Murray has a challenging, fun job at the Odon Pharmacy! He has had a good past month.

  • We need wisdom regarding our future accommodation. We need to be out of the place we're renting by May and so we need guidance and wisdom as to where the Lord is leading us to live. 

Answer: A lady in the church has offered us a place to rent from March, and this takes off a huge amount of pressure regarding buying a house. We will still continue to keep our eyes out for houses, but are happy to be renting there for a time.

  • Murray would love to be back in Cape Town in March for his 25th consecutive Cape Town Cycle Tour (formerly the Cape Argus Pick 'n Pay Cycle Tour). Please pray that things would come together and that this would be a reality. 

Answer: Murray has decided that he will not be coming home in March for the Cycle Tour. Flights are quite expensive and it would be making a rather large hole in our savings. Murray is very thankful to God (and his family and supporters) that he had the opportunity to cycle 24 Tours in a row – and enter the special Club 21 back in 2011. He will be back one day for the Cycle Tour, but it is now time for a break. This was a tough decision but Murray is feeling peaceful and has submitted to God.

Murray will be celebrating his 31st birthday this coming Thursday, and to celebrate we are going on a road-trip down to Atlanta, Georgia. We have family friends down there and will be doing some hiking in beautiful scenery, as well as visiting the World of Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta, where you can also sample different Coca-Colas from around the globe. Murray is a big Coca-Cola fan and so is very excited about this trip!

Thank you for your continued prayers and encouragement. We really appreciate them! Have a wonderful February!

- Murray & Candace

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