Monday, 13 July 2015

Spring Mill State Park...

Candace and I visited this beautiful state park about a month ago. There is a large water mill that dates to the early 1800s, as well as a Pioneer Village where you can view people in period costume undertaking various tasks from that era. There are also hiking trails, caves to explore, and beautiful areas for picnicking - as well as lots of wonderful nature! We really enjoyed our visit to Spring Mill!

 Main entrance to Spring Mill State Park.
 Visiting the Nature Centre.
 Common Snapping Turtle.
 Eastern Box Turtle.
 Walking towards the mill and the Pioneer Village.
 The historic grist mill.
 The mechanism for turning the wheel.
 Historic buildings and homes.
 View inside one of the houses.
 Rocking chair and cot combination.
 Spinning wheels.
 Water transported on the aquaduct to the mill.
 Pretty gardens at the village.
 The meeting house - where church services are still held every Sunday.
 Apothecary (pharmacy or chemist) near the mill.
 View of the mill and the village.
 Candace and I had a lovely picnic by the water's edge.
 Walking down to Donaldson Cave.
 Candace gives a size perspective to the cave's entrance.
Entrance to Donaldson's Cave.
 We hiked above the cave too.
Astronaut Virgil Grissom, who died in the Apollo 1 accident, came from nearby Mitchell, Indiana.

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