Thursday, 30 July 2015

Travels to Portland: Part 1

After departing Chicago's Union Station we headed north and a little west to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and then westward across Wisconsin and Minnesota. We had a lovely supper and then went to bed as we were pulling into Minneapolis-Saint Paul at around 22h00 (10pm) on the 15th June.

After a good night's rest we woke up to a new day and a new state. (Tuesday, 16th June) We were now in North Dakota and as the train steamed westward we were able to see lots of waterfowl and birdlife, as well as many deer and other animals. We passed through the small towns of Devils Lake and Rugby before we had a longer stop at Minot, North Dakota. We were able to spend about 20 minutes off the train here - we'd also stepped off the train in Milwaukee (Wisconsin) and Winona (Minnesota) the previous day.

From North Dakota we entered Montana and continued through wide open plains. We were having lunch as we pulled into Wolf Point, Montana. Here we were able to see prairie dogs scratching in the ground near the railway tracks. They were really cute, and reminded me of meerkats.

It's easy to see why Montana is called "Big Sky Country." The scenery was breathtaking - and we hadn't even reached the Rocky Mountains yet!

 Candace in our Superliner Roomette.
 Narrow passageways on the train.
 Pretty lake in Minnesota.
 On the platform at Winona, Minnesota.
 All ready for bed - the bunk bed folds down from the ceiling.
 Pelicans near Devils Lake, North Dakota.
 Candace and I at Minot, North Dakota.
 Information screen in the railway station.
 A view of the Empire Builder.
 Our room is the window to the left.
 Refueling the locomotives at Minot.
 Pretty scenery as we approach Montana.
 Diesel locomotives.
 Horses hold a meeting in the field.
 There were numerous scrap yards along the way.
 Lots of railway tracks.
 Passing the Confluence of the Missouri and Yellowstone Rivers.
 A very long train loading grain.
 Wolf Point, Montana.
 Cute little prairie dog at Wolf Point.
 Google Street View out here?
 Interesting little bridge.
 Big sky and open plains.
 Beautiful lake in Montana.
 A deer watches as the Empire Builder steams along.
 Pretty barn on the road to Chinook.
BNSF locomotives and a little green caboose.

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