Monday, 30 November 2015

Amazing atmospheric phenomenons...

Back in August, during the early evening, I witnessed this atmospheric phenomenon. (17th August.) It looks like an upside-down rainbow and is called a circumzenithal arc. This is formed by ice crystals in the atmosphere refracting the sun's light. It is closely related to the 22 degree halo - which I also witnessed at the end of October. (25th October.)

 The sun was low in the sky when I witnessed the circumzenithal arc.
The "upside-down rainbow" high in the sky.

The 22 degree halo I saw was at night. It's when there is a clear ring around the moon - or the sun during the day - and is also formed when ice crystals in cirrus clouds refract light. My photographs don't really do it justice, though.

Another view of the 22 degree halo visible around the moon.

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