Friday, 13 November 2015

Great Pumpkin Metric 2015...

Candace and I cycled our second Great Pumpkin Metric down in Evansville early last month. Last year we cycled the medium route - 50 kms/31 miles - but this year, because of Candace's pregnancy, we rode the short route - 25 kms/15.5 miles. It was another fun day and we enjoyed the scenery and atmosphere of this event. :)

 Candace with our trusty Tacoma.
 At the first and only water stop on the short route.
 Time to hit the road again!
 Grain bins/silos in the distance.
 Candace on her way.
 Quiet country roads.
 More corn silos and harvested fields.
 Candace at the finish.
How we fit our two bikes in the flatbed under the cover. :)

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