Thursday, 10 November 2016

Long Family Orchard...

We visited Long Family Orchard, just outside of Detroit, on Saturday, 1st October. Here we were able to watch the interesting process of making apple cider. We then ate amazing, fresh apple doughnuts and drank the apple cider that was being made as we watched. We also walked through the lovely orchard with our Mercy Ships friends. It was a great start to our visit!

 In front of the pretty barn.
 The apples are fed in on a conveyor belt. They are then cut up by a large machine.
 The chopped apples are then crushed in the cider press. The extracted juice is bottled, while the dried pulp is fed outside.
The dried pulp goes into this trailer and is then used as compost on the fields.
 Bottles of fresh apple cider sold in the barn.
 Making apple-cinnamon doughnuts.
 Giant rocking chair outside the barn.
 Chrysanthemums for sale.
 Walking through the lovely apple orchard.
 Rows of apple trees.
 A deer in the distance.
Walking back towards the barn.

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