Monday, 20 February 2017

Abe Martin Lodge...

Candace, Riaan and I were able to get away to Brown County State Park a fortnight ago. We stayed at the lovely Abe Martin Lodge from where we ventured out on several hikes and also enjoyed the indoor water park when it was raining outside. I highly recommend visits to any Indiana State Park - it's so good to get outdoors and enjoy nature! :) Here are some photos of the Lodge. There will be more photos from our hikes in a couple of other posts.

 The main entrance of Abe Martin Lodge.
 View towards the wing where we stayed.
 Main staircase in the entrance foyer.
 Indiana's Wildlife Heritage.
 Our lovely room in the hotel.
 They had many interesting displays about the history of Brown County State Park.
 A working antique radio.
 Photographs and maps from previous years.
 The indoor water park even has a water slide!
 The fire tower on the highest ridge in Indiana.
 View over the wintry landscape from Hesitation Point.
 One of the entrances to Brown County State Park.
The double-lane covered bridge just outside the State Park.

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