Monday, 13 February 2017

Birthday Eagle...

A bald eagle made a surprise appearance on my 33rd birthday recently. Candace was working all-day and so it hadn't been a really exciting day. In fact, I was pretty tired and lonely. That was until I took Rusty for a walk with Riaan strapped in the carrier. I could see cars on the road slowing down and reversing as they passed something in the field.

It was then that I saw the white head of large bird as it took to the air, only to land in a field nearby. I instinctively knew it was a bald eagle and so the three of us walked back to the house, where I grabbed my camera and the car keys. I put Riaan in his car seat, and we drove over to where the bald eagle was sitting.

He was feeding on a possum that he must have swooped down on, and as we drove slowly past he flew a short distance away, revealing his majestic wing span. It was a moment which I knew God had created just for me, on my birthday. A special birthday gift for this nature lover. :)

 Flying away as we drove past...
And landing in a nearby field.

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