Monday, 6 March 2017

Storm damage...

It was an eventful week in Daviess County, Indiana, last week. There was a severe weather event on Tuesday night into early Wednesday morning. (28th February - 1st March.) There were confirmed tornadoes on the ground just 15 minutes south of us. We stayed overnight at Candace's parents when it was clear that it was going to be a rocky night. We were thankful since this was the scene that greeted us at our home the next morning. Our neighbour's apartment had its roof ripped off. There were pieces of metal, wood and insulation spread out in the fields and trees over a kilometre away! Thankfully no one was hurt, although the same can't be said for some beautiful trees that were badly damaged.

 The debris field.
 Insulation in all of the trees nearby.
 Twisted swings.
 A large pine tree snapped in half and jammed into the ground.
 Another damaged pine tree.
A weeping willow by the pond was also a casualty.

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