Tuesday, 23 May 2017

O'Bannon Woods State Park...

We spent a day visiting O'Bannon Woods State Park recently. (Monday, 24th April.) This state park is located in the Harrison-Crawford State Forest, on the banks of the Ohio River. We looked at the Hay Press barn, the farm animals, and the pioneer farmstead. We also hiked along the Ohio River Bluff hiking trail, which offered scenic views of the Ohio River and the state of Kentucky across the river.

 A scenic overlook on the drive to O'Bannon Woods.
 Playground at O'Bannon Woods.
 The old barn housing the historic hay press.
 Old wagons outside.
 Riaan loved the farm animals!
 There were donkeys and cattle.
 The pioneer farmstead.
 Hiking up to the bluff above the Ohio River.
 View looking down at the Ohio River.
 Kentucky across the waters.
 Walking just above the river bank.
 Lots of green.
 Tall cliffs off to our left. The river was on our right as we walked along.
 A tree looking as if it is delicately balancing on a rock ledge.
 Path along the river.
 The flower of the tulip tree, the state tree of both Indiana and Kentucky.
 Ohio River.
 Mining happening on the Kentucky side of the river.
 Family selfie by the river's edge.
 Riaan hiking across the grass.
 Potato Run Church, located within O'Bannon Woods.
 The cemetery behind the church.
Gravestones in Breedens Burial Ground, near Potato Run Church.

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