Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Shakamak in the Spring...

We visited Shakamak State Park with Candace's family on Saturday, 8th April. We went to an interesting presentation on invasive plant species at one of the shelter houses and then had a lovely walk through the state park. :)

 Diesel locomotives on our way to Shakamak.
 Riaan enjoying reading his book on the journey.
 The shelter house which played host to the invasive species presentation.
 Children's area at the presentation.
 Walking along the causeway between the two lakes.
 Lake Shakamak.
 Couldn't quite identify this turtle sunning itself.
 This is a midland painted turtle, though.
 Walking along a tree-lined avenue.
 Interesting carving on a tree.
 Looking up at the trees.
 Paper-like bark of the birch tree.
 Eastern redbud.
 Playing in the play ground.
 Family photo.
 Candace with her boy.
 Hiking another trail.
 Pretty scene.
 Fungi growing on a tree.
 A closer view of the fungi.
The vine has been removed but you can see how it has shaped this tree.
Trees growing in a pretty glade.

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