Sunday, 22 October 2017

Harvesting the Fields...

The corn fields surrounding our home were harvested recently. There were two large John Deere combine harvesters, along with two tractors and wagons, as well as a number of trucks. The combine harvesters offload the freshly-harvested corn into the wagons, pulled by the tractors, who in turn offload into the trucks on the road. The trucks then transport the corn to the farm and the grain bins nearby. It really is quite interesting to watch! Riaan even had a ride in one of the combines! :)

 Combine harvester going past our driveway.
 Big tractor and wagon.
 Candace and Riaan having a ride in the combine.
Heading back to the road.
 A combine harvester at work behind rows of corn.
The combine harvester offloading into one of the wagons.
 Tractor and wagon heading to the waiting trucks.
Trucks waiting for the harvested corn.

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