Friday, 27 October 2017

Hiking and Ultimate Frisbee at Shakamak State Park...

We went to Shakamak State Park and met up with Candace's parents at their church camping trip recently. We had a lovely afternoon catching up with friends and family, and I was able to go for a lovely hike in the changing colours of autumn. We even played Ultimate Frisbee with some friends in the early evening. The last time I played Ultimate was back on the ship at the beginning of 2014, so it had been a while. But it was so much fun! :)

 Interesting seeds on this plant - reminds me of African beadwork.
 Pretty white flower.
 Still lots of green in these trees.
 Another forested scene.
 Autumn leaves on the ground.
 Interesting old tree trunk.
 Autumn colours appearing by the water's edge.
 View down towards Lake Lenape.
 Another view as I cross the dam wall.
 A fun game of Ultimate Frisbee to end the day!
Candace is second from the left in the peach shirt. :)

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