Saturday, 18 November 2017

French Lick Scenic Railway...

Riaan is a big fan of trains and railways at the moment, and so on Saturday, 28th October, we took him to see the trains at the French Lick Scenic Railway. He loved seeing the big diesel locomotive and passenger train, along with the steam trains and the small tram that operates between the two hotels in the area. It was a fun excursion for our family!

 Riaan and Candace next to a big steam locomotive.
 A side view of the same steam train.
 Another old steam train in need of attention on the tracks.
 Diesel engine that pulls the passenger train.
 Walking past the French Lick Scenic Railway train.
 The red caboose.
 The train going over the railway crossing.
 One of the small trams that run along the track between the two hotels.
A closer view as it went past us.

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