Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Louisville Zoo...

Candace had a work conference down in Louisville on Thursday, 9th November, and so Riaan and I tagged along and had a boy's day out at the Louisville Zoo. This is a lovely place to take a boy who is showing an interest in nature and creation. We had a wonderful time seeing all the animal exhibits, especially the rhino, giraffe, and gorillas. It was a great day and the little man was rather tired-out from fun at the end of it! :) Below is a selection of the animals we saw at the Louisville Zoo!

 Enjoying looking at some fish.
 King Louie, a rare albino alligator.
 Madagascan tree boa.
 Staring contest with an Egyptian cobra.
 Looking at the giant toads.
 Bald eagle.
 Snowy owl.
 Canada lynx.
 Watching the jaguar.
 Riaan and a gorilla enjoying a snack.
 Awesome creature!
 Posing next to a gorilla.
 Lunch time!
 The colourful bongo.
 African elephant.
 Big rhino!
 Selfie with the rhino behind us.
 There was also a display on rock hyraxes, commonly called dassies in Cape Town.
 Dassies on a rock.
 Ring-tailed lemurs.

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