Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Eagle's Nest to Covered Bridge...

Riaan, Eliza and I took Mom for a drive of some scenic areas to the north of us on Tuesday, 10th April. I wanted to show Mom a number of the places that we often talk about when Skyping with my family back in Cape Town.

We first drove west and then north to Goose Pond Fish and Wildlife Area, just south of Linton, where we viewed the massive bald eagle's nest nearby.  There were also many water fowl on the lake, and we also spotted a bald eagle soaring high above.

We then drove through Linton, where we got caught at a level crossing by a long train operated by the Indiana Southern Railroad. We also saw two Indiana Rail Road locomotives coupled to a train at the station here.

We headed east to Bloomfield before heading south and going over the Richland-Plummer Creek Covered Bridge, built in 1883. It was Mom's first experience of an old covered bridge. We then drove back home, stopping in at the Dutch Pantry just outside of Odon. It was a lovely morning drive!

 The bald eagle's nest.
 Approaching Goose Pond Fish and Wildlife Area.
 American coots at Goose Pond.
 A majestic bald eagle soars overhead.
 Sculpture at the northern edge of Goose Pond.
 Waiting at the railway crossing in Linton.
 Indiana Rail Road diesel locomotive.
Mom walks through the Richland-Plummer Creek Covered Bridge.

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