Thursday, 3 May 2018

McCormick's Creek State Park...

We visited McCormick's Creek State Park on the first Saturday that Mom was with us. (7th April.) This state park is located in Owen County, a lovely area of Indiana. We visited the Canyon Inn before walking down to see the waterfall in the little canyon below. It was very cold and there were still icicles clinging from roots and rocks of the cliffs above.

We also went and looked in the Nature Centre, which is one of Riaan's absolute favourite places to visit. (Any Nature Centre, really!) He loved all the displays and took particular pleasure in showing his Granny the snakes - which she wasn't too thrilled about! :) It was a great Saturday's visit!

 We drove through the Antique Fairgrounds in Elnora on our way north. There was this cool antique steam tractor there.
 This isn't a dam, but there had been a lot of rain in late March and early April. Corn fields were lakes!
 The Canyon Inn at McCormick's Creek.
 Red-eared slider in the Inn.
 Walking down to the falls.
 It was very cold!
 The waterfall at McCormick's Creek.
 The creek bed.
 Amphibian display at the Nature Centre.
 Riaan looks at the map of Indiana State Parks.
 Mom browsing through the various displays in the Nature Centre.
 Snakes! Riaan's favourite! In this case, a northern banded water snake.
 Mammal display.
 Riaan tries his hand at bridge construction.
 Learning about sources of river pollution.
 Mom and Riaan look at an interesting exhibit.
 Candace and Eliza.
 Three photos over three years. 2016, 2017 and 2018. :)
 American goldfinch.
 Blue-gray gnatcatcher.
 Squirrel foraging below the bird feeders.
 The Civilian Conservation Corp Bridge.
 Riaan and Mom explore along the banks of the river.

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