Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Mother's Day Picnic at Oubache Trails...

Mother's Day (Sunday, May 13th) was an exciting day this year. We went to church in the morning before going and having a lovely picnic lunch at Oubache Trails Park in Vincennes. We then joined some good friends in doing a nature walk with a guide, focusing on the edible plants that can be found in Indiana. We ended the day with a lovely picnic spent sampling different teas made from the plants in the area. Candace enjoyed her special day and I am very grateful for Candace and all that she does for our little family. She's a great mother!

 We rescued an Eastern Box Turtle off the road on our way to church.
 It can close itself completely within the safety of its shell, thanks to this hinged flap.
 Riaan loved the playground after our picnic lunch.
 The Nature Centre and office at Oubache Trails.
 The beautiful green of the tree canopy.
 Baby snapping turtle on the trail.
 Small toad.
 Candace with Eliza.
 Eliza putting her feet on the ground. :)
 A picnic tea with our fellow nature-loving friends.
 Good times in the forest.
Family selfie. :)

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