Sunday, 16 November 2008

God's Children Home - The Finale...

Yesterday, Saturday 15th November, a group of us headed out to God's Children Home in Dixville. This was the last time that Mercy Ships are visiting this orphanage. As our 2008 Field Service here in Liberia slowly winds down, the Mercy Ministries come to an end. We now have the reality of saying so many goodbyes to our local friends here. And yesterday was tough.

We played various fun games with the kids and loved on them. But it was sad when it came to the goodbye. Picture the scene. A group of ten Mercy Ships crew from all over the world. Between thirty and forty little children. We are all standing in a circle, holding each other's hands. Heads bowed, praying. And the tears just start to flow. Especially during Arthur's prayer. Arthur is the caretaker/overseer of the property. He is praying and this is the most heartfelt, meaningful prayer I have ever heard. The tears are flowing as he prays, and this causes all of us leaders and most of the kids to start crying too.

We then closed it with a well-known Liberian goodbye song:
You're My Brother, You're My Sister,
Now Take Me By The Hand.

While this was sung we all went round the circle shaking hands and embracing these kids who have meant so much to us over the past year. I will miss little Anointing, the “baby” of the group. I will miss the soccer stars Joshua and Aaron. The friendly smiles and loving hearts of all these kids.

In one sense it was good to say goodbye now, and not later. It is definitely beneficial to start pulling out my commitments now, as my time comes down to just on three weeks before I return to Cape Town. But it is a good reminder of how difficult it will be to leave this place: this ship, these people, this country.

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