Thursday, 6 November 2008

One Year...

It's been a year. A year since I left my hometown of Cape Town, South Africa, to join the world's largest charity hospital ship. It has been the most wonderful year of my life: an amazing adventure that God has led me on. This year has certainly been one which will shape the rest of my life.

And yet now, with my departure date of December 8th rapidly approaching, I have had a number of vivid dreams lately. One dream has recurred now three times in the past fortnight. I dream that I am back in Cape Town, back home with my family and friends there, back home under the shadow of that beautiful mountain. And yet it is not the same Cape Town I left twelve months ago. It has undergone a transformation. It is different.

And perhaps because of this I am so sad in my dream. I am close to tears and it is not because I have missed home (don't get me wrong, I have certainly missed home) or am happy to see family and friends (and again, don't get me wrong, I will be very happy to see my family and friends), it is because I miss this ship. The people. This community.

If there is a message to be taken from my dream it's that I must be prepared now for the future. I will be returning to a Cape Town that viewed through my eyes will never be the same. Please pray for my transition as I slowly prepare to return home.

And here are some photos of the back of Table Mountain and Devil's Peak as seen from the top window of my house back in Cape Town.

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