Thursday, 13 November 2008

New Matadi Revisited...

Today we had Bible Study as usual out at New Matadi. We read Matthew 27. We only have one more chapter left in Matthew, and only two more Wednesdays before we finish up at New Matadi. It will be difficult to say goodbye to our friends. I've known them now for nearly six months. Over the months I have really come to appreciate this group. Not only do they amaze me with their knowledge of Scripture, but also the genuine love and concern they feel toward us.

One incident clearly outlines this to me. I missed last week's Bible Study due to the flu that I was battling then. Today Winston, one of our boys, came up to me and asked how I was and whether I was better. I replied that I was getting there small small. To this he replied, “Thank God, thank God.” The concern in his voice was clear. These guys care for us.

It is also great to see that there are signs of spiritual growth, not only in their questions, but also in the answers they give. We encourage them to answer their own questions: to search amongst themselves for the answers. Not to rely on us. And God is working in their lives.
I'll let you know how our final two weeks out at New Matadi go. We have encouraged them to continue meeting up together and studying Scripture after we leave. I pray that they do. Please also pray for these boys, this community, this country.

*Photos here are of the sunset from the dock last week. No photos from New Matadi this week. Sorry-o!*

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