Monday, 1 December 2008

The Final New Matadi Visit...

This past Wednesday, 26th November, was our final visit to the orphanage at New Matadi. We went an hour early to allow us to spend extra time with these great kids. It was quite an adventure just getting off the ship. The President was attending the "Thank You" event held onboard that day. We had to make a quick dart through Reception, past numerous secret service agents and heavily-armed UN troops, to our trusty Land Rover parked down on the dock.

After arriving at around 16h45, we started the activities by playing some water balloon throwing games with the younger kids, although the older guys and girls did join in as well. It was a lot of fun, as the photos here testify.

Josh, Drew and myself also did a little programme for our boys - just like they had done for us the week before (see blog entry for Saturday, November 22nd). We opened in prayer, gave parting comments, presented gifts to the boys who had scored the most points for scripture memorisation, did a song piece (Drew had his guitar and sung "Everlasting", a popular worship song), and then played more games.

We played a game where you have a balloon tied around your ankle and then you take on an opponent - also with a balloon tied to his ankle. The object is to stand on the opponent's balloon before he gets yours. For simplicity, I'll just call this game "Stomp the balloon". It was a tournament leading to semi-finals and then the grand-finale.

Another game we played was the "Flour Game". Here you put some flour in a cup or tupperware and invert it onto a plate. An M & M or Smartie is then placed on top and you have to cut away at the flour without dislodging the sweet. The one who dislodges the sweet has to eat it - without the use of hands - by placing your face in the flour. It was hilarious.

But then, after our fun afternoon, we came to the sad part of the day. We had to say goodbye to these boys who have been very much a part of our lives for the past six months. I will miss each one of these guys. Please continue to pray for the children of the Mother Victoria Thomas Orphanage Home in New Matadi, Monrovia, Liberia. God bless.

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