Thursday, 4 December 2008

The Reality of Departure...

It started on Monday. I walked up to my cabin and there, presticked (blu-tacked) to the door, was a note. It was my official Mercy Ships disembarkation form. And then it happened on Tuesday morning. My name was called out in community meeting. I had to stand up and be acknowledged as a departing crew member. Then today I had my official debriefing meeting with one of the chaplains. It is coming fast.

The reality of my departure is clear. I've been preparing myself, reading a book dealing with Re-entry (Re-entry: Making the Transition from Missions to Life at Home), but to be honest I don't think I can be prepared for what is to come. I'm just trusting in God. I pray that I will take back the lessons I have learned and all the changes that have happened in my life and implement these back home. May I truly return to Cape Town a changed man. That is my prayer.

I'll be sure to keep you posted how it goes.

The picture above is an evidently shocked me, holding my disembarkation form.

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Nadine said...

Sometimes I hated putting those up on doors because it just broke my heart that people were leaving!
I remember when I saw my name in the pile that I was writing. I think I just stood up and asked someone else in the office to write it and put it on my door cause I definitely could not!
I hope your last moments are filled with joy!
Blessings as you travel.