Thursday, 4 December 2008

My Farewell Dinner...

This past Monday, 1st December, a small group of close friends headed out to the Bamboo Bar where we had a little farewell for me. While we waited for our dinners my friends shared their favourite "Murray Moments" - memories of me that will forever stick in their minds. It was a really fun evening! And caused a lot of laughter!

Our meals then arrived. I was looking forward to my meal: I had the spicy Liberian pepper chicken. I've never had it before, mainly due to the fact that it is extremely spicy and Murray and spicy, hot food do not mix! But this evening I decided to man up! And wow, it was so hot, but nevertheless I impressed my friends by eating all the Liberian pepper sauce - despite sweating profusely and constantly gulping down mouthfuls of fresh water! But it was so good.

This evening made me realise how extremely blessed I've been. God has been so faithful over the past year in surrounding me with people who love me and look out for my best interests. I am so very thankful.

I'll miss my friends here, but I know that they are here for a reason and for this season. Some friendships here will last a lifetime. But despite this fact, the goodbyes on Monday will not be easy.

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