Sunday, 18 October 2009

My New Cabin...

Last week I was given the opportunity to move into a three-berth cabin. I have either been in a six-berth or a four-berth cabin over the 14 months I've spent with Mercy Ships through 2007, 2008 and 2009. So I was not going to let this blessing get away!

My new cabin is cabin 4330 on Deck 4, port side. I'll give you a very brief tour of my space. As you enter the cabin there is a corridor going down towards the ship's hull. My cubicle is the first one on your left (after the bathroom) as you enter the cabin. I have my very own bed (not a bunk) and desk, as well as plenty of storage space. There is a wooden wardrobe and two large drawers under the bed. Here are some photos.

This is my bed - note the photos of home on the wall. It's always nice to have some memories to put up on my wall.

As we swing around my cupboard comes into view.

And here's my desk and some more shelves for storing books and DVDs. Also note the Cape Town calendar on the wall.

And finally we look out towards the large curtain that separates my cubicle from the rest of the cabin.

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