Saturday, 23 January 2010

German Naval Visit...

I'll admit it. I like the navy. There's been a lot of criticism back home about our navy and how the Government has spent many Rands (SA monetary unit. 1 USD = 7.59 ZAR) upgrading our navy and buying new frigates from Germany, but I take pride in the SA Navy. Both my Grandfather and my Dad served in the Royal Navy and SA Navy at Simon's Town, half an hour south of Cape Town's city centre. For more on the SA Navy within this blog, click here. Add this to my love for the sea and anything maritime, it makes sense that I'd be enthusiastic whenever a naval ship docks near the M/V Africa Mercy.

This past week we had four German naval vessels dock in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. There were two frigates, Brandenburg (F 215) and Niedersachsen (F 208), the large supply ship Frankfurt am Main (A 1412), as well as a smaller fast attack craft. Here are some photos of these large NATO warships.

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