Thursday, 7 January 2010

Spiritual Home...

I have discovered my spiritual home here in Tenerife. It is a small church in the south of the island, Silencio Christian Fellowship, and I have been there the past two weeks. The church meets in a small commercial centre, housing restaurants and a traditional English Fish and Chips shop to a tattoo parlour and cabaret bar.

But it is not the location that is a drawcard. It is the wonderful community filled with the Holy Spirit. I am inspired by the worship and challenged by the messages. But more than the teaching and music, it is a church that is so diverse in its representation. And this, I think, is what fills me with such joy and hope when I am there. For it is God's kaleidoscope - and it is beautiful.

After the service this past Sunday we headed down to a seaside town nearby, Los Abrigos, and ate our lunch overlooking the picturesque harbour. It reminded me of Hermanus (a seaside town near Cape Town) and the beauty of South Africa, and I was for a moment homesick, but then I thought of the work I do on the ship and the reason that I am here. I thought of all my lovely friends here and the real blessings they are to me. I thought of the journey that God has called me to travel - the path that I must walk - and I am so grateful to be right here, right now.


Jenn said...

Beautiful Murray!
Are those photos yours?

(wish I was there....sort of kicking myself for not choosing to fly to tenerife)

Murray Tristan Crawford said...

Thanks Jenn, yep these are my photos... It is really beautiful here. Looking forward to seeing you in four weeks today! :-)