Thursday, 6 May 2010

Academy Science Fair...

Last night the Academy held a Science Fair to highlight what the students have been learning in their Science classes. It was interesting to browse through the displays and see the knowledge that the Academy is bestowing on young and eager minds. It was also particularly pleasing to read that each project had to have some form of biblical application. My friend Christina, the Science Teacher, did a great job in organising the exhibition. Here are some of the exhibits.

A couple of my friends took part in this experiment by staying up late in order to see if a lack of sleep makes one less alert during the day.

This was an interesting exhibit measuring the amount of bacteria in water. Would you drink toilet bowl water or water from the port? Well, it turns out that the port's water contains 25 times more e-coli than the toilet!

This experiment measured whether deodorant or hair-spray would propel a potato further. Hair-spray was the better choice.

This one looked at which material made a better parachute.

Which solar oven would cook an egg faster? The parabolic reflector oven was the better option, although both took a long time.

Science Teacher Christina (in pink on the right) oversees the exhibition.

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