Monday, 31 May 2010

Another pool update...

The pool is so close to opening. The netting is up round the sides, the ladders are in place, and the pool has been filled - although the water does empty rather quickly. Before I go any further I must acknowledge the hours put in by the many people invested in this project. They've done a great job.

However, there is one small issue that may prevent the pool from opening as soon as we would like. The length of the pool runs from port to starboard - and not from bow to stern. Thus, every time a little wave hits the ship here in port a huge wave is sent from the one side of the pool to the other - and the momentum cannot dissipate and so builds up with every wave. This could be quite a hazard to little children hoping to use it.

The team are currently investigating various options to try and offset this wave action. Any suggestions? Otherwise we could always go surfing...

Photo here thanks to Olly.

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