Thursday, 21 October 2010

There has been much progress on the ship over the last week. The hole that was made for the generators has been welded shut (picture at left) and another hole has been cut on the other (starboard) side of the vessel for the air-conditioning units to be removed and replaced.

The old air-conditioning unit is clearly visible in this picture as it gets taken out of the ship

But certainly the most visible change can clearly be seen as you approach the Durban dry dock. The small branding that was above and just aft of the gangway entrance (Deck 5) has been removed and a much larger sign has been painted along maybe half of the ship's length.

I think this adds so much more to the ship. It's much larger and far bolder. Now people can clearly see who we are!

Before (the old branding):

After (the new branding):

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