Sunday, 31 October 2010

More Shipyard Photos...

Here are some more photos of shipyard work taken this past week... Good, steady progress is the name of the game at this point. Please pray that this continues.

The huge crane by the side of the ship...

... Being used to hold a platform for a couple of shipyard workers...

... Who are busy spraying down the hull with high pressure hoses.

These are the marks made by the high pressure hoses in the cleaning process - don't worry though, Africa Mercy will have fresh paint soon!

Another worker uses a crane to get close to the ship's bow.

One of our two anchors.

The new air-conditioning unit in place.

Another look at one of our new generators.

There is much work being done on Deck 2 as well. This is how the Boutique looks now...

... And the Gym...

... As well as the Prayer Room.

This is one of the cabins on Deck 2 forward.

Deck 3 accommodation area, looking towards E Ward (formerly the Lecture Room).

Many large pipes and cables run along the Hospital deck.

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