Friday, 15 October 2010

Painting the Parsonage...

This past Saturday (9th October) a group of us Mercy Shippers went across the road to the Appelsbosch Lutheran Church to help paint one of the parsonages. This house will be used by the second pastor of the church. It was lovely to get involved in a project with the local community and make a positive impact there. It reminded me of when I used to be involved with Habitat for Humanity blitz builds back in Cape Town. I like this sort of work. Hard work, and definitely meaningful! Photos thanks to Rachael Spencer and Debra Bell.

One way of reaching the top of the wall!

Clearing the dirt off the roof in preparation for the paint.

Working together to get the job done.

Leah paints round the windows.

The house looking much smarter with the walls painted and half the roof done.

Another view of the house - you can see the church at right.

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