Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Cotton Tree...

Ben, Sam and I walked into town yesterday. We headed to the market to look at Sierra Leonean football (soccer) jerseys and then went on to the Cotton Tree, an important historic landmark of Freetown. The inscription on the plaque at the Cotton Tree reads as follows:

The 'Cotton Tree' became an inherent part of Sierra Leone's history in 1792 when a group of former American slaves, who had gained their freedom by fighting for the British during the American War of Independence, settled on the site of modern Freetown. They landed on the shoreline and walked up to a giant tree just above the bay, and offered prayers and thanksgiving for their deliverance from slavery.

Looking up at the massive tree.

The Justice buildings just near the Cotton Tree.

Mercy Ships has a strong connection with Sierra Leone. This is a painting on a wall near the port.

Painting of the Mercy Ship Anastasis near the port.

OM Ships M/V Logos Hope was also in Freetown last year.

The Africa Mercy alongside the dock in Freetown.

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