Friday, 8 April 2011

Perspective Shift...

It has been a frenetic week here on the Africa Mercy. Work has been busy and in the busyness it can be easy to lose focus. But that was until 1am this morning, when someone said something which got me thinking.

Let me give you the background. Mercy Ships had some wonderful folks arriving last night and we were concerned about how they would manage with the water taxi. And so we asked for a couple of volunteers to go across the river to the airport and assist them. This would mean having to give up your evening plans until at least 11pm, possibly later... And spend at least two or three hours hanging out next to a West African airport. Not the nicest experience, if you look at it from a human perspective.

The arrivals only came in a little before 1am, since the water taxi was slightly delayed, and I was there on the dock to assist them into the vehicles. We got back to the ship and I thanked the two individuals who had given up their evening and their plans to help out. But, what blew me away, was the response I got.

Thank YOU for giving us the opportunity to be of service.

I was blown away because it was totally not the response I was expecting. I know if it had been me I may have been a little grumpy and responded somewhat differently. This really showed me what selfless serving truly is about here on the Africa Mercy. It's a refreshing reminder of why we are here.

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