Sunday, 10 April 2011

Hiking and relaxing in Sierra Leone...

A group of us went exploring out to the area near River No. 2 beach yesterday. We had intended to go to an old hydro-electric plant (Guma Valley Water Company - Guma Dam and Treatment Works) and walk a hiking trail there, but unfortunately the military were doing an exercise, and so we headed to the beach instead.

We dropped the majority of our group at the beach and then drove inland along a rough path to a rocky river bed, where we hiked up for a couple of hours. It was so lovely to scramble over rocks and admire God's creation all around, far from the bustle of Freetown. What was not so lovely was when I slipped into a rock pool with my cell phone in one pocket and my camera in the other, but thankfully despite being thoroughly water-logged they both survived the submerging! We then spent another couple of hours relaxing on the beach before braving the three hours of traffic to get home again!

As these photos show, Sierra Leone is a beautiful country!

The rocky river bed we walked along.

It was so peaceful and calm in the forest.

The beach at River No. 2 is amazing.

Local fishing boats at anchor in the bay.

Another view of the beach.

Sign on the road near the dam.

It's good to be driving Land Rovers again!

The roads are pretty dusty out in the country...

... But the traffic on the outskirts of Freetown is horrendous!

In Freetown itself - nearly home!

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