Friday, 22 February 2013

Cleaning the Surgical Unit...

Greetings from the Eastern Cape province of South Africa! We arrived here on Sunday, 10th February, and have had a busy two weeks here. We spent last week helping with secondary screening for cataract patients, as well as cleaning the Surgical Unit. We dedicated two whole days to scrubbing and cleaning the new Operating Theatre, and this was what it looked like during and after our initial clean.

(I'm currently playing catch-up with my blog and therefore I'm several days behind. Cataract surgeries have already begun - but since I usually blog chronologically, you'll have to follow this blog to see more!)

 Almost all of this equipment needs to be unpacked and put in the surgery.
 The surgical unit being cleaned.
 Ceiling, wall, and floor cleaning now complete!
 Medical equipment moving back into the surgery - including the microscope (out of shot) and the bed.
More medical equipment. We had to clean each of these items prior to moving them into the surgery.

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Carmella Eaglin said...

Yikes, that’s a lot of medical equipment to clean. But then again, better more work than face the consequences of unclean medical gear...

Carmella Eaglin