Friday, 28 June 2013

Generating hope and healing...

We went to Ngcwanguba Clinic to hold our field eye clinic earlier this week. Ngcwanguba is one of our busier locations and we were able to see over forty patients - including a few cataract cases too. It was a very productive day. However, there was a power failure during the course of the morning - not an uncommon occurrence in a rural setting. Thankfully, we were able to continue our work. We always take with us a trusty petrol generator that provides more than enough power for our machines. Thanks to the generator we were able to continue generating hope and healing in this community!

 People waiting patiently to be seen by the Mercy Vision Zithulele team.
Our petrol generator sitting on top of the Land Rover.
 The generator powers the Auto Refractor, as well as the charger for some other eye devices.

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