Thursday, 2 October 2014

Burnt Offerings Contest...

The Bethel Mennonite Church, where Candace and her family are members, hosted their first-ever Burnt Offerings BBQ Cook-Off and Pie and Cake Contest almost three weeks ago. The contest raised funds for the youth ministry. Contestants could either enter the BBQ section or submit a Pie or Cake to be judged. Candace entered a traditional South African recipe, Melktert, (or Milk Tart) into the contest. :-) The photo here shows Candace and her mom with their entries.

One of Lavone's (Candace's mom) entries.
 Entrance display.
 Guess the sweets in the jar. I was out by about 100.
 Cakes entered into the contest.
 Blueberry cake.
 Pies and tarts being judged.
 Meat off the braai or BBQ.
 Hmmm, yum!
 The panel of judges.
 The grapes were used to cleanse the palate after each round of tasting.
 Grandpa Paulus's homemade ice-cream machine.
 The church congregation enjoyed the food once the contest was over.
 Barbecuing in the car park.
 Malachi and Candace playing corn hole or bags.
Corn hole tournament.

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